Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Cake Is Not A Lie

Hello again lovelies!!

   Previously on Gizmo's Arsenal: We played Far Cry 3 (I'll discuss that later), ate some food, recited poetry, and cried in the shower while interpretive dancing to Lionel Richie's "Hello.  You know, like any other day.

   Apart from that, I mentioned that I was planning to do another vlog but was not sure what kind.  Well, I finally figured out what to do, and now I present to you: The Cake Is Not A Lie: A Companion Cube Cake.  Enjoy and as always, HAPPY GAMING!


  1. Oh wow hey; THAT'S SO COOL!!

    LOL Did you really butter the pans by rubbing them with THE WHOLE STICK OF BUTTER in its wrapping and all lol - Do the other people of your people do this too lol - the funniest thing man lol! ^^

    Had doubts there for a second or two lol especially as the cake started to get 'macheted' and then you 'decapitated' it by a layer - but what an epically awesome Cube you ended up with!

    It must have been really hard to cut into something so pretty after though... did you guys eat it after, or is it in some sort of cryogenic storage?

  2. haha i absolutely did NOT use a whole stick of butter. I just used enough to make sure it wouldn't stick. Probably like a quarter of a stick.

    I wish you would have witnessed the post me cutting it. There was a lot of talking myself down from panic, putting it the fridge to harden a bit so it wouldnt topple over, and texting Samantha frequently basically emphasizing on how much I screwed it up. Thankfully the fondant really pulled through and saved our asses.

    I had no problem cutting into it haha. Honestly for how much turmoil it caused me that day I was glad to cut it open and it was damn good. We didn't eat all of it though. Some of it is still in the fridge, becoming less of a cube day by day.