Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who's Afraid of Bigby Wolf?

Hello again!
    I apologize for the lack of posting last week.  I was house sitting and did not have access to my computer.  Don't fret my pretties,  I have returned to tell you of my gaming adventures.
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   I have been really jumping around in the gaming department. For a second time, I've picked up Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag despite my complaints in its post.  For some reason I am doing all the things again that I said that were pointless. I don't even know how it happened.
 photo Confused-Little-Girl-Is-At-Loss-For-Words_zps1536d63f.gif
    I also picked up GTA Online again.  My console was being a strange one and my internet just kept failing no matter what.  Then a couple of updates happened and I am back! Lock up your planes, trains, and automobiles...Im back to fuck some shit up.
 photo work5_zpsb9896b26.gif
   Those two aside, I had an opportunity to take a gander at the Steam Summer Sale (as I hope many of you did the same) and picked up a few games.  One of those being the fairly popular The Wolf Among Us:
   I had seen some footage of this game previously and was very eager to play it. I also loved The Walking Dead series so I knew I would be a fan of this one.  I was extremely excited to see it was on sale and couldn't pass it up.  I'm glad I took the chance.  
This game:
 photo Nine_fantastic_zpscf95fc48.gif
  I have only gotten through two episodes so there really is not TOO much I can say about this, but I am quickly headed into the third so no one spoil this for me..or else!!
 photo tumblr_lkfh0koo2n1qhj5vqo1_400-6c7de1f27f7de61a6daddfffbe05c058_zpsd4500e45.gif
I am incredibly eager to find out what's going on here.  Telltale really knows how to present a cliffhanger.
 photo applause-clapping-the-addams-family-bravo_zps62476065.gif
   I will say if you are looking for a game where all you do is punch and kick, then I suggest maybe another game.  This is very strongly story based and done so in such a creative way.  This is one that really drags you in...you just can't stop until you find out who did what.
 photo tumblr_mdx822bedz1r37bl2_zps6f378bfa.gif
   The idea that these innocent childhood fables are all disturbed individuals that live in NYC just amazes me.  In a sense, it ruins every story you were ever told because of how messed up most of these fables actually are.  I think I am okay with that...  However, one of my favorite stories happens to be a stripper/prostitute in this game...so that's fun...
 photo Hello_zps7b8ae94c.gif
  Again, there really is not TOO much I can say about this one. Not just because I have not played it fully but also because if I were to say much more I would be giving away information vital to the game! EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT! Now that is the kind of game I can appreciate and fall in love with.  I think I already have.
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Sorry for the excessive Mighty Boosh gifs..but I regret nothing. (Im Old Gregg!)
  With that said, I am off to find some food and hopefully play the next episode.  Have a good week everyone! And as always...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brutally Alright So Far

Hello again Gamers!
  It is Tuesday and I am thinking that this will be the day every week that I post a new blog.  How do we feel about that?  I feel good about it so...it's a date!
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     I am not saying that every week I will have played a new game.  That is impossible for me to do so every now and again I will just post random things.  All gaming and nerdy related things, obviously. I wont let you down, so lets do this!
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 photo tumblr_inline_n36duzaTmP1rnvwt1_zps4b4351bd.gif
   This last week I did try a new game.  One that you may have heard of called Brutal Legend!!!!
   When this first came out some years back I was definitely interested in playing it but then time went by and I never got around to it.  Then, one day, it just made itself known while I was in GameStop for a very low price. It was silly NOT to get it.  
   Now...I am going to be honest with you here.  I have not played it fully.  I really am not sure how far into the game I actually am...but I do not think I have gotten very far at all.  These are just some of my first impressions based on what I have had to do.
 photo giphy_zpsee6c2961.gif
    First what I want to say is:  I will always love Jack Black. He is hilarious and adorable and can sing his heart out.  The fact that he is a video game character just solidifies my love and is one of the main reasons I wanted this game.  He did not let me down either.  He just exudes cool rocker even when he is being a huge dork and offers up some very funny one liners.
 photo tumblr_mfi7u6hAsZ1r8um3mo2_500_zpsb75c1533.gif
   Second: The concept is simple yet entertaining.  It is just a bunch of metal heads in a metal world fighting the bad with the addition of famous musicians voicing characters.  How many other games can you say that you have to assemble A group of men with giant necks that head bang into things, whether it be an object or a person.  It is such a ridiculous concept but a very enjoyable one.  It is really just hack and slash game and that's it.
 photo Chuck-ut_zps2d8ded6c.gif
   I did feel there are some downsides though.  Honestly, I felt bored sometimes. Maybe I wasn't motivated enough, but I had flashbacks to the first time I played Borderlands. Get a mission, get in your awesome vehicle, go to this place, go right back to where you came from, do another mission, fight this boss, go back to where you came from, do another very similar mission.  It just felt a bit repetitive. But then we remember what happened with Borderlands, don't we?
 photo tumblr_lv8wuq24mX1r07fzko1_400_zps9190ca3e.gif
  I also felt lost sometimes. I am not sure why certain things are happening.  When it asks me to do something now or wait to do it later, is this because I am supposed to build up strength or an army first?  I don't know. This wasn't fully explained to me. I don't know.  I think I was missing some points here.  I might be thinking too deeply about this when instead I should understand that the story is incredibly minimal and you're just supposed to have fun with it and just rock out!
 photo Ydzp8gB_zps90cdd50d.gif
   Only one way to find out if the story develops into something deeper or not....my thinking is not.  But no big deal.  I am definitely going to keep trying with this one so let me play that guitar solo that brings forth my car of death and just venture into this world of metal and badassery! With that said, I am off to check out more of these Steam sales!  Happy Gaming!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let's Take a Drive Through Rainbow Road

Hello again!
    It's a me, GIZMO!  Can you guess what I will be talking about today?? HMMM?? Do you know??
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If you don't, I will be disappointed in you and I am not so sure we can be friends anymore.
 photo Were-Done-Here-Bunny-Meyer-Reaction-Gif_zpsb5f78038.gif
...It's Mario...
  I got to finally try out the new Mario Kart 8 last week and it was everything I hoped it would be.
    I am thoroughly enjoying going through every single emotion necessary when racing in that game.  It starts with excitement, then fear, then anger, then shame, then acceptance, then back to excitement with it all ending in insane astonished laughter.
 photo willemdafoemaniacal_zpsc1644434.gif
The reason this circle of life occurs is because they made this version SOOOO much harder than the last Wii Mario Kart.  I felt like a pro when it came to the last one.
 photo invincible1_zps68f067f9.gif
   This one though...I don't know.  Maybe it's because it's because it's just so new and I am not accustomed to these new tracks yet.  Or, it might be because they adjusted the steering and such and the twists and turns are way more complicated. Or maybe I just lost my magic Mario Kart touch....
 photo nooooooo_harry_potter_zps23d830fa.gif
   Racing against the computer is one thing, but the online racing is an entirely new level of difficult.  It seems as though they are trying to make it more of a fair shot for everyone...but it's not working.  My friend and I just could not catch a break while playing against others.  The closest I ever got to first place was third place for about half of one race.  Hence the range of emotions!  We just kept getting destroyed by a player named Ken...friggin Ken. (WE ARE COMING FOR YOU KEN!!! DO YOU HEAR ME!?!?!?)
 photo S5lvtwA_zps85adf691.gif
It is completely worth it though! The tracks are, for the most part, different.  They decided to keep around some previous ones.  Does someone want to explain to me why Moo Moo Meadows is still around?
 photo janet-jackson-mmm-hmmm-o_zps45e1f6eb.gif
     They also introduced a fair share of new "weapon" choices from the boxes to help you get in the lead.  There is this one thing you can get where you get a full bundle of weapons in one. It is a lovely feeling when they offer that to you...but also not so good because it's their way of telling you that you suck and need some help.
 photo rde_zpsd46c49ee.gif
   They still offer a lot of the same though.  You still get the shells including the 1st person seeker blue shell, the stars, the bullet, the bombs and I could go on and on.  It is all there for the taking!    
 photo Yay_zpse4f9a55c.gif
    Point is, this Mario Kart is a new kind of challenge that I am more than willing to take on.  It just brings so much joy when I can sit with my friend and just race.  Lots of laughter which is how a game like that should bring you.  If you are ever interested in joining in, leave a comment or find me on steam and Ill give you the information! I get to be Lemmy or Larry though..
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    With that said, I am off to continue replaying Assassin's Creed IV.  As always, HAPPY GAMING and I leave you with this:

Monday, June 9, 2014

I'm inFAMOUS...Kind of....

Hello again my fellow gamers,
  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  If not, well then do something this upcoming weekend! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE DAMN IT!
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 photo Whenmymomtellsmetogooutside_87bf0b_4036677_zps44b8d437.gif
    ....I figured that it was important I update you all on my little gaming world in between episodes of Orange is the New Black. I seem to be steamrolling through season two like it's my job.
 photo giphy_zpsec449901.gif
 However, I had been able to beat a game before the new season came out called inFAMOUS Second Son:
(I think I might play too many games because I knew that voice was Troy Baker's.)
    Let me just start by saying that throughout the game I kept repeating out loud, "Wow....the graphics on this game are so damn amazing."  Seriously...and I was just talking about the characters alone.  The city is cool and gigantic...I don't even know if I actually made it to every single spot on the map.  There is just so much to do! 
 photo you-ever-have-so-much-to-do-you-just-decide-to-take-a-nap-jim-gaffigan_zps822685e2.gif
    Another thing I enjoyed were those powers!! In the trailer, they only show the smoke power.  Which was alright.  There is also a video power and a concrete power. But they are nothing in comparison to my favorite. THE NEON POWER!
 photo infamous-second-son-neon-jump_zps64147be5.gif
 photo That_is_so_cool_zps528cdce7.gif
    This power makes you move really fast and run up the sides of buildings with no problem.  I loved it so much it made me want to punch Fetch in the face for refusing to share it at first.
I should mention that I loved Fetch too.  She had issues, but was such a bad ass.  (And of course, I want to dye my hair again because of her.) 
 photo InfamousConduit7E45Q_zpsf72a2551.gif
 photo dfdaf5ef-2af0-4ea4-b0e2-cac4e6cf80b3_zpsa14345e3.gif
    I did have problems with this game though.  Main one being this game, for me at least, was incredibly hard! There were a number of times I had to put the controller down and just walk away for a while because I kept getting killed and then angrier.  There were a number of times where I said, "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! HOW DO THEY EXPECT ME TO WIN WHEN THEY GIVE ME NO WAY!" 
 photo giphy1_zps825e2a9d.gif
 photo download_zpsf33b5375.gif
     Then, I would walk back, try again, and realize I may have jumped the gun on the angry ranting as I had beaten it.  In some ways I enjoy the fact that they challenge you so much, because you really need to figure out your tactics instead of just going for it.  In other ways, I hated it because you can only die so much before losing your shit.  And I died a lot.
 photo tumblr_m377qectTi1qb5esko1_500_zps2207b160.gif

     Which leads me to my next issue.  Despite the fact that I spent so much time being killed, the actual story line is so very short.  Sure, there are PLENTY of side missions to do to rid the city of the police power.  But, I truly have never seen such a short and rushed story line in a video game.  When the credits started rolling I just sat there with my mouth agape thinking to myself, "Really...that's all of it?"
 photo tumblr_inline_mt9zw0EEEe1s61h61_zpsd68cb66d.gif

     My advice if you do decide to play this game, take your time and explore as much as you can before continuing the story.  Silly me just wanted to finish it and then explore afterwards.
 photo that-is-stupid_zpsdebfaddf.gif

   With that said, it was a cool game.  However, I am not putting it anywhere close to my favorites.  Try it out and see how you feel for yourself.  Then afterwards, you come back here and we have a nice little discussion. Sounds like a plan. 
 photo Donttalktome--IfyoulikeOnePiece_27d40e_4554830_zps958fe79a.gif
 Until then, I am off to finish the season of Orange is the New Black and find a new game to play.  Leave a comment and tell me about the games you're playing! It might inspire me!
As always:

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Think I Have A KNACK for This (Get it?!?!?!)

Hello again gamers!!
     Hope you are enjoying your week so far.  I know I am! I ate french toast this morning. I am living the high life.
 photo jealous_zpsf3789b11.gif
    Anyways, I know last week my post was a bit more on the serious side (long live Elizabeth) and as promised, I bring you my feelings on a much lighter topic.  A little game called Knack.
     I must say, I really enjoyed this one.  The reviews on it are both good and bad, but I say it's fun.  I might like it more though because the creator of Spyro was involved in it and that game was my SHIT growing up.
 photo whatevs5_zps0e38509a.gif photo Dontjudgeme_zps1c37daa2.gif
    Knack is one of those games that is really simple and you don't have to put TOO much thought into. And lets face it, sometimes we need that kind of game just because we are stressed or too tired.  
 photo post-29188-i-take-a-nap-right-here-gif-2mef_zps2a661994.gif
     The concept is pretty cool. A main character made of relics that grows into a beast that destroys everything in its path.  The little version of you is adorable, but when you get as many relics as you can, you feel invincible.  Like nothing can stop you.
 photo tumblr_m2kw1sUyMR1r8p5h3o1_500_zpsf8f3315e.gif
    The cartoon feel to it is great too.  Reminds you (well...at least in my case) just to have fun with it.  You just run around and punch things.  That is IT.  And it's fantastic. Sure there is a storyline and stuff to collect (They are pretty forgettable.) But who cares!
 photo Hulk-Smash-the-avengers-31960584-500-224_zpse273beb8.gif
    One of my favorite things from the game though is actually the credits.  I don't know why I loved it so much.  I just sat there, watching with a big stupid smile on my face.
Knack has got the moves like Jagger AMIRITE?!?!
 photo Tina-Belcher-Dancing-Bobs-Burgers_zps1773345d.gif
   Honestly, there is not TOO much to say about this game.  It's just thoughtless and fun.  I suggest trying this one if you want to just tune out the world after a stressful day and don't really need to use your brain. 
Who needs a bubble bath these days when you have Knack! 
 photo tumblr_mmysyk9qeK1soxpwho1_500_zps27549c81.gif
   With that said, I am off to watch another episode of Hoarders. Guilty pleasures ya'll!
Another post will be on its way soon! And as always: