Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brutally Alright So Far

Hello again Gamers!
  It is Tuesday and I am thinking that this will be the day every week that I post a new blog.  How do we feel about that?  I feel good about it so...it's a date!
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     I am not saying that every week I will have played a new game.  That is impossible for me to do so every now and again I will just post random things.  All gaming and nerdy related things, obviously. I wont let you down, so lets do this!
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   This last week I did try a new game.  One that you may have heard of called Brutal Legend!!!!
   When this first came out some years back I was definitely interested in playing it but then time went by and I never got around to it.  Then, one day, it just made itself known while I was in GameStop for a very low price. It was silly NOT to get it.  
   Now...I am going to be honest with you here.  I have not played it fully.  I really am not sure how far into the game I actually am...but I do not think I have gotten very far at all.  These are just some of my first impressions based on what I have had to do.
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    First what I want to say is:  I will always love Jack Black. He is hilarious and adorable and can sing his heart out.  The fact that he is a video game character just solidifies my love and is one of the main reasons I wanted this game.  He did not let me down either.  He just exudes cool rocker even when he is being a huge dork and offers up some very funny one liners.
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   Second: The concept is simple yet entertaining.  It is just a bunch of metal heads in a metal world fighting the bad with the addition of famous musicians voicing characters.  How many other games can you say that you have to assemble A group of men with giant necks that head bang into things, whether it be an object or a person.  It is such a ridiculous concept but a very enjoyable one.  It is really just hack and slash game and that's it.
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   I did feel there are some downsides though.  Honestly, I felt bored sometimes. Maybe I wasn't motivated enough, but I had flashbacks to the first time I played Borderlands. Get a mission, get in your awesome vehicle, go to this place, go right back to where you came from, do another mission, fight this boss, go back to where you came from, do another very similar mission.  It just felt a bit repetitive. But then we remember what happened with Borderlands, don't we?
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  I also felt lost sometimes. I am not sure why certain things are happening.  When it asks me to do something now or wait to do it later, is this because I am supposed to build up strength or an army first?  I don't know. This wasn't fully explained to me. I don't know.  I think I was missing some points here.  I might be thinking too deeply about this when instead I should understand that the story is incredibly minimal and you're just supposed to have fun with it and just rock out!
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   Only one way to find out if the story develops into something deeper or not....my thinking is not.  But no big deal.  I am definitely going to keep trying with this one so let me play that guitar solo that brings forth my car of death and just venture into this world of metal and badassery! With that said, I am off to check out more of these Steam sales!  Happy Gaming!!!!

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