Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let's Take a Drive Through Rainbow Road

Hello again!
    It's a me, GIZMO!  Can you guess what I will be talking about today?? HMMM?? Do you know??
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If you don't, I will be disappointed in you and I am not so sure we can be friends anymore.
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...It's Mario...
  I got to finally try out the new Mario Kart 8 last week and it was everything I hoped it would be.
    I am thoroughly enjoying going through every single emotion necessary when racing in that game.  It starts with excitement, then fear, then anger, then shame, then acceptance, then back to excitement with it all ending in insane astonished laughter.
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The reason this circle of life occurs is because they made this version SOOOO much harder than the last Wii Mario Kart.  I felt like a pro when it came to the last one.
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   This one though...I don't know.  Maybe it's because it's because it's just so new and I am not accustomed to these new tracks yet.  Or, it might be because they adjusted the steering and such and the twists and turns are way more complicated. Or maybe I just lost my magic Mario Kart touch....
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   Racing against the computer is one thing, but the online racing is an entirely new level of difficult.  It seems as though they are trying to make it more of a fair shot for everyone...but it's not working.  My friend and I just could not catch a break while playing against others.  The closest I ever got to first place was third place for about half of one race.  Hence the range of emotions!  We just kept getting destroyed by a player named Ken...friggin Ken. (WE ARE COMING FOR YOU KEN!!! DO YOU HEAR ME!?!?!?)
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It is completely worth it though! The tracks are, for the most part, different.  They decided to keep around some previous ones.  Does someone want to explain to me why Moo Moo Meadows is still around?
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     They also introduced a fair share of new "weapon" choices from the boxes to help you get in the lead.  There is this one thing you can get where you get a full bundle of weapons in one. It is a lovely feeling when they offer that to you...but also not so good because it's their way of telling you that you suck and need some help.
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   They still offer a lot of the same though.  You still get the shells including the 1st person seeker blue shell, the stars, the bullet, the bombs and I could go on and on.  It is all there for the taking!    
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    Point is, this Mario Kart is a new kind of challenge that I am more than willing to take on.  It just brings so much joy when I can sit with my friend and just race.  Lots of laughter which is how a game like that should bring you.  If you are ever interested in joining in, leave a comment or find me on steam and Ill give you the information! I get to be Lemmy or Larry though..
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    With that said, I am off to continue replaying Assassin's Creed IV.  As always, HAPPY GAMING and I leave you with this:

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