Monday, September 24, 2012

The Impatience of Raiders and Robots

Hello again gamers!          
    After eating all that delicious cake I made from the last post (not by myself!), I am kind of at a standstill with games.  I think I am due for a visit to my local Gamestop.  That being said, I think it is time I discuss two games I have been looking forward to (not Assassins Creed because THAT will get its very own post) and seems like the wait has been more than forever since they have been announced.  What makes it even worse is the release of all the trailers and gameplay footage, so much so that I am at the point that I would punch an aggravated and hungry gorilla in the face if it meant I could play the games tomorrow…
…. Okay so maybe, just maybe, I took it too far with that one…I would never punch a gorilla…I like being alive spank you very much….
Anyways, the first game is BioShock Infinite, which I have known of for about 2 years I think…. It’s been a long time.  After the release of the other two BioShock’s, the game has taken a very different turn and what seems to be a completely different storyline.  We are taken from under the waters in the treacherous, horrifying, yet once beautiful city of Rapture and introduced to the city in air, Columbia in the year 1912.  Unfortunately for Columbia, it has disintegrated into a civil war arena between those that have been living there.  You play as a former agent named Booker DeWitt (that is a FANTASTIC name) and you have a mission to save the beautiful and haunting Elizabeth, (possible Halloween costume…hint hint possible future post) who is much more than meets the eye and has been held captive on this floating city for years.  Rescuing her is easy peezy (yeah, that just happened), keeping her safe from those in the war that would use her for their advantage? Not so much.  The part that I believe to be the most intense is the concept of Songbird, a massive robotic bird that hunts down Elizabeth, as it has been her protector and prison wrapped into one.  The thing is that it was designed to feel betrayal if she ever escape.

            To sum up: action, weapons, and powers!  Oh my!  This game should make one hell of a time.  I personally am not a fan of first person shooters (I know, “GASP,” but I do have some exceptions) However, BioShock has been pretty consistent with making me feel really involved emotionally and physically (emotionally being I really want to win and save everyone…or kill everyone…and physically being me moving my body and screaming at the television in hopes it will somehow help me win.  Side note: it does not.)  And although I did not truly like the story in BioShock 2, I am hopeful for this one because it IS so different…and it has a Steampunk aspect, and if you know me you know I freaking LOVE Steampunk. (Le Sigh)  All excitement and despair aside, this game is being released early next year, so wait I shall despite how impatient I am getting and therefore on the very edge of fury.
The other game I am anxiously awaiting the release of is Tomb Raider: Crossroads.  This time we meet Lara Croft before she is the Lara Croft we know and love today.  We encounter an innocent and incredibly inexperienced 21 yea old Croft instead, which also means she is much more susceptible to injury….
  Lara must survive as well as find and avoid others on an island after the ship she was aboard is ravaged by a horrible storm.  More importantly, Lara has to find a way to get off the island which is so very different from the normal gun blazer from the previous games.  This one does not have that camp to it but is seemingly much more of a horror and action than we ever expected from any Tomb Raider game.

Tomb Raider has a very special place in my heart always because it is something me and my main birds can play over and over again and will never get old to us and a lot of really fantastic memories come from it. (Such as Sam over at Embrace the Glitter frantically yelling about a tiger)…but this game is in a league of its own...The only thing I am not looking forward to with this game is that porn star voice of hers…seriously WTF is that???
.... This game is also being released in early 2013.
  So my fellow gamers, these two games that have had me pulling my hair out waiting for I share with you.   I would like to hear your thoughts on the games, like if you’re excited, annoyed, or there are other games you are really looking forward to.  I want to hear ‘em in the comment section!
Carson (GizmoOOOooo)


  1. I played the first Bioshock and loved it but the sequel didn't interest me too much as it basically seemed like a rehash and I don't have much money >.<

    Pretty indifferent about Infinite since I haven't followed it at all, gonna wait til its released and hear what people say.

    Similarly I'm genuinely the biggest Tomb Raider fan ever but this new game scares me and I don't know what to think so I'm just going to hide under my covers until its over and then see what I think >.< (change scares me)

    Thanks for following my blog btw :)

  2. well only way to stop being scared is to try it out! I have hope for it and considering its a completely different story line for bioshock I have hope for it too. And youre welcome haha