Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Undead Douche bags!"

Hello again fellow gamers!
  As some of you know, I just celebrated my birthday and discussed with you all my affection for Red Dead Redemption. 
    Well, my fellow bloggers on When Girly Met Gamer, Sam and Johanna, came together and gifted me with a new game to play.  So I took a small break from Red Dead (although I can not stay away from that game for too long, still have leveling up to do!) to play the very interesting, endearing, and entertaining game Lollipop Chainsaw.

   Lollipop Chainsawis the story of Juliet Starling (voiced by Tara Strong…SQUEE!!!), all American high school cheerleader and zombie hunter.  It is her birthday and she is late meeting up with her jock boyfriend Nick and on the way is attacked by zombies.  She whips out a damn chainsaw from her small bag (a la Mary Poppins) and just goes bananas on em all. Unfortunately she does not make it to Nick in time and in order to stop him from being turned…. cuts his head off…. so he can stay alive? 
   Anyways, you have to battle against a bunch of zombie and their bosses brought forth (Spoiler alert?) by a vengeful Goth kid named Swan.  With that, a whole lot of fun ensues and some seriously hilarious commentary along the way.  DON’T WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED:

  What I love about this game other then the commentary is how much I really enjoyed kicking some zombie ass.  The moves are pretty damn fun and using them on the Zombie bosses is even better.  Speaking of the bosses, HOW AWESOME ARE THEY!?!?! My personal favorite was the Punk Zombie Zed….but upon discovering who the voices were for some of the bosses (Shawnee Smith, Michael Rooker…) everything just became 10 times better. 
      However, there are things about that game that really grind my gears.  The top of that list…..ZOMBIE FREAKING BASEBALL!

The rage I felt playing zombie baseball grew every single time I died…which was a lot.  It is damn near impossible to beat it using the auto aim and if you come to me saying you played it with auto just fine I simply wont believe you and you can exit to the left. 
Only after I finally beat it did I look up to see if anyone had that same issue and apparently MOST people did.  So there’s that….
Also I don’t know if anyone has had this same issue but in the middle of playing a boss battle my game just froze.   IT FROZE!!!  
Suffice to say, I was tempted to throw my console into a river just after beating it mercilessly with a bat.
But the thing that makes me go....
     …Is how incredibly short the game actually is.  I had only truly spent 2 days playing the game (with long breaks between) and I had beaten it.  I was pretty surprised at how quick it was and I wish it could have been longer.  However, with what we are given, I will say all in all I was pleased with the game and the “twist” ending.  I suggest playing it if you have not yet…but be prepared to rage over zombie baseball and do not forget to immediately switch it to manual…it will save you a lot of time.
With that, I leave you all to your games and fantasies.

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