Friday, September 14, 2012

You Can't Hold an Old Game Down (Birthday Post!)

Hello again blog friends!
IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   I know I have been a bit slow in getting these posts out, and I am sorry.
After about a month of silence, I finally bring you a new post and a promise to blog more frequently as long as you agree to keep reading. TEAMWORK!!

   Now, as per this new tradition, lets get right into the gaming.  Instead of talking about the games coming out in the future (AC III ::Swoon::) and my endless annoyance towards the new WiiU coming out (Don’t even get me started!)  I want to talk about a game I have been playing hours upon hours of and basically tell all of you of my now undying devotion to it.

    I am a little late on this one, considering it came out in 2010, but Red Dead Redemption is actually an incredible game.  Rockstar Games created this jam packed action western that follows behind John Marston, an ex-outlaw, as he works for the government in hunting down all the members of his former gang in order to have his wife and son back after being taken hostage:

   I know what you are thinking, “Herpa derp Carson, everyone in the gaming world and their mother know that story line! GOSH!” but, work with me here.  Although, I really enjoy the game and the story line that comes with it (I could seriously do without the endless amount of glitches however….)

....That is not why I LOVE the game.
     The reason I really love Red Dead is the for online multiplayer.  Yes, the story line is great with a wonderful twist at the end that made me quite emotional and I highly recommend playing it as well, but the multiplayer has me fighting without realizing I have been playing for more hours than I planned.  At first, you are just in free roam session with other players wandering the huge map.  From there, you can join a posse (or make one if you’re the leader type), or be a loner and kill everyone is your way to level up.  I am currently working hard to get to that level 50 (spending a good…..7 hours playing) but I am a measly level 33.  Free roam is not the only option for the multi though.  You can do co-op missions, gang matches, free for all matches, and my personal favorite (with the expansion pack) UNDEAD OVERRUN….Thats right, ZOMBIES!!!!
    Basically, what I am saying here is, if you want a fun game where you get to carry a big gun, hunt down outlaws or be an outlaw, and ride of beautiful horse…or mule…or buffalo, then definitely play this game if you have not yet.  Which you probably have because it is now considered an old game. WOMP womp.  Anyways, if you have tell me what you think of it or if you feel the same way I do.  Maybe we can even play together and by that I mean Ill kick your ass in free for all.  Just telling it like it is.  With that I am off to celebrate my day of evacuating the womb and I bid you all a farewell.  HAPPY GAMING!!!!!

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