Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Why am I Being Hunted?!"

Hello again blogosphere!
     It may come as no surprise to you my dear audience that I love games that have a strong/tough female lead.  Take for example the beauty of Lara Croft, a character I have played over and over again and never seems to get old to me.  Well, for those of you like me, this May brings us a new female lead in Capcom’s Remember Me.  This game revolves around the character Nilin, a hunter of sorts in 2084 Paris.  Except the thing she hunts down is your mind. 

      Already pretty badass huh?  Well, not so fast there you eager beavers! The twist here is that YOU get your mind erased and the plot of the game is trying to figure out what happened and why it was done to you.  For a better idea, here’s the trailer:

Did anyone immediately feel like they were watching Kate Beckinsale in one of the Underworld films? No? Just me?
...Anyways… My thought is that this seems to have a lot of potential (and not to mention a new cosplay character for all you convention goers). I truly look forward to playing this game and kicking some futuristic ass to reclaim my memory.  Hopefully it proves to be as fun and intense as the trailer made it out to be, otherwise…..
Now that harmless threats have been made ("Kanye Shrug"), HAPPY GAMING!

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