Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, You Ah a BITCH!

Hey friends!
 First, let me say Happy post Halloween.  Hope everyone had a glorious time and dressed all crazy and got into the spirit.  Otherwise pooh pooh on you for not liking fun!

    Now to the main point of this post.  This October, I came to you with an idea to make some costumes and present them to you on the 31st.  Well, a certain someone decided to make an impromptu (...not really) visit, lets call her Sandy, and she came rocking like a Hurricane.

   So here is the situation currently:  I have the images of my costumes all taken and ready to go.  However, I have no power in my home where the images currently are and am writing to you from an office so this all is no bueno at the moment.  Unfortunately kiddies, the images, stories, and experiences will have to wait until my power comes back.  Apart from that, I hope everyone else that was caught in the storm got out safe and sound and most of you have found your power again to start playing games to your hearts desire.  Sadly for me, I couldn't even play nor buy AC3 on the 30th, and if you are a reader of this blog, you know I was practically peeing my pants with excitement for that day to come. (A lot of toilet humor from me today...IDK)  I guess the urine and Connor must wait as well.
Sorry folks for the inconvenience!
Carson (Gamertag: Gizmo000ooo)

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