Monday, November 19, 2012

It Has Finally Happened...

It has happened...I have finally done have shared this journey with me as I have worked so hard to get to this point.....there was whining, anger, excitement, and a whole lot of yelling....(yes, I know that sounds sexual...) but.....


  I wish you all could have seen the very moment where it shouted at me "Level Up!" and unlocked all the achievements. Let's just say I delivered the Judd Nelson moment at the end of The Breakfast Club  for a good 20 seconds.

  I unlocked all the goods! I don't even ride a horse anymore. I riding a freaking bull. A BULL.  And shooting people? PIECE OF CAKE! They go down real quick.  I am so happy to have finally reached this point.

   It was like Christmas and Hanukkah combined in one special occasion for me!  I would like to thank my family, who understand and respect my love for gaming and dedication to such an endeavor.  I would like to thank my friends, without their support I would not be where I am at this moment. And lastly, thank you! You have witnessed me at my happiest and at my worst and stuck by me up to this moment.  Hopefully, you continue to hear, and eventually see what I can do.

    Now that I have finally ranked at the highest level...what else is there to do?  I could just go on and shoot around for a on my aim....or help others rank higher, or simply just dick around which is always fun (....why does this all sound so inappropriate right now!?!?) Anyways, tell me about your experience with Red Dead if you have played.  For now, I am off to celebrate with some hot apple cider and some!!!  Have a nice day and....
Carson (Gizmo000ooo )
(P.S. I might change the title of this page to Gizmo's Arsenal and go by Gizmo instead of Carson...might be thinking about changing my gamertag too..obviously leaving the Gizmo part but I have to think about it)


  1. Hahaha lol I know the feeling!
    GZ! \m/ ^v^ \m/

    I think those GIF’s are going to be my email signatures for the day – clients are probably going to fire me ^^.

    You need to get you a track of canned cheering and applause just for moments like that – finishes the moment off perfectly I find ;)

    I actually have a copy of The Murray Laugh (Monkey Island) on my Desktop – I play it whenever I have my maniacal ideas or tell jokes that don’t receive the satisfactory response from people in the room ^^.

  2. haha i have the dramatic button for whenever something ridiculous happens. I was just so excited to put up my happy GIFS. Usually they are so bitter so it was a nice change haha