Monday, November 26, 2012

Old Games and New Names

Hello lovelies,
  Take a gander around the page.  Notice anything different?  New name, perhaps?  That's right, I changed the name to Gizmo's Arsenal.  I have always preferred in the gaming world to go by my nickname so now, officially, it is Gizmo.  Hi, nice to meet you.  Can I offer you a cocktail?

  I hope all you American readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of massive amounts of food that made your stomachs cry.  I know I had a good one that I spent with family and friends.  Apart from that, it has been a very busy holiday weekend for me!  Currently, I am cleaning out my basement and setting it up for a super sweet hang out, and a place to call home for when I possibly start streaming to  Also, I somehow found time to decorate my home for the upcoming holidays...I went a little crazy with that one..but my Christmas tree look FIERCE!

  But don't you guys worry! I still found time to game.  Now that I am a high ranker on Red Dead, I am in need of a new game.  I was contemplating the new Hit Man..but I have not exactly heard or seen good things.  I need to look around for some new ideas. (Any suggestions?)  In the mean time, I decided to play a game I have already played...probably twice?
  How many of you folks played Mirror's Edge when it came out?  I am pretty sure I was in my earlier stages of college.  I LOVED it.  Faith is pretty bad ass with her face tattoo and free running craziness.


    Although the game has its issues...I am not the BIGGEST fan of its combat... I really enjoy playing it every time.  It looks easy, but I think it's actually pretty challenging, especially when it is your first time playing it.  Even after playing it two times through, there is still one level it takes me about twenty times before I stop dying horribly.  Faith needs to sew a pocket on herself somewhere so she can carry around a damn weapon herself instead of hijacking everyone else's GOSH DARN IT!  That is also what I like about it though, her character carries nothing with her and still somehow beats up guys heavily armed.  Now THAT is a character I can respect.

  What did you guys think of Mirror's Edge when it came out?  Did you play it and if so, would you play it again?  What are some of your favorite older games to replay????  I want to hear your thoughts.  Anyways, I am off to cut some glass bottles with Samantha!  Wish me luck!


  1. Cool ^^ that VODKA gif OMFG what and awesome laugh.

    You should check out STEAM ( – they are having their Autumn Sale atm and you can get games for crazy prices. I think you missed the Mirror’s Edge special though =( but they have tons more on the old and new games.

    I would suggest Dead Island – It makes me cry and want to hug puppies to recover – but I keep playing it because it feels like a test of my bravery and dangitalltohec I WILL BEAT SOME ZOMBIE ASS FORM LEMON JUICE AND SOAP SALVAGED FROM HOTEL LUGGAGE!! – really though it is super immersive and atmospheric – I scream like a little pig though through most of the quests and curse the developers for being so cruel! – but I love it ^^

    Do you have a STEAM account / profile?

  2. Nah I don't have an account but I have heard of the site. Thanks for the heads up! Ill get right on it.
    Dead Island hmm?? The way you explain it really makes me want to play...but during the day or something haha. Im going to have to look into this one. I just pre-ordered Far Cry lets see where that goes