Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vaas, Citra, and a Whole Lot of WHAT THE FUCK!

Hello again lovelies!!
  Welcome to 2013!!!! How are you doing?  Did you have a fun New Years? You having a good day? Anything new for you?

  I am still playing Far Cry 3...and let me just say the joy out of this game has only increased.  It is absolutely incredible...and freaking challenging.  I just made it to the other island yesterday and let me tell you, the difficulty is driving me bananas.  In a good way though.  I enjoy the fact that they put effort into making the two islands fairly different.
   But this post is not about the islands and my development in it...let's talk about the characters.  Some I like very much and make the game for me, some I dislike with good reason which may surprise you.
   Let's cut to the chase with the people I am not into here.  First and foremost....I do not like Citra.  I find her to be a bit much for my liking.  Now I don't know what her real deal is as I am still fairly far from finishing the game I think....but I feel in my gut she is deceitful.

   She just seems up to something always and obviously wants on Jason. man is going to want you if you show him the painted lady goods before you DTR.  Put it away girl.  I get it...hes a "warrior"....but those tatas need to be stuffed back in a shirt.  No reason they need to be out. (yes...I know I am talking to a fictional game character...)

   Another character I don't like...and this one may be surprising (or not. depends on who you are.)  Jason.  He is snotty, selfish, and a baby when it comes to hunting.  He is an obvious adrenaline junkie, and just plain cold! Yes, I know he is dealing with a lot of death...but need a slap in the face and a dose of reality.  You're a tattooed man obsessed with being a warrior and revenge, and you go and break Liza's heart.  What a punk!  Sure he has some good commentary from time to time...but come on! GEEZ!

   Ironically, the coolest character by far (and I think many of you will agree): Vaas.  I know I said it in the last post, but he is such a fantastic villain.  He is absolutely drug induced INSANE!!!  He is the only character that when he speaks, I truly pay attention to.  His speech to Jason about the definition of insanity....Superbly done.  Honestly..if I think about it...he might be the only character I truly and fully like.  The guy that did the voice for Vaas, Michael Mando...he really did a great job developing this guy.  AND THEN, I found that special that Ubisoft made for the game where Mando actually became Vaas!! I was incredibly excited.
   Apart from him, I do enjoy all the quirky people Jason meets along the way.  Buck, Dennis, Sam...and on and on...every one of them is so different from each other but equally whacky.  If I were actually on that island myself, I would be fearing for my life meeting any of them...but because I am not, its very entertaining guessing what they will do next.

   Besides that, I believe I still have other characters to meet; but really, this is such a fantastic game and if you have not gotten it yet I highly recommend it!  With that, I am of for now!
Gizmo (GizmoWGMG)

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