Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last Post of the Year!!

 Hello again lovelies!!
  It is almost 2013!!!!  Shit is getting real ya'll!! Anyone have an interesting New Year's Resolution??  Mine is the standard, "Get in shape" one but that never really works out. Amirite or amirite?!?!?

    Let's get to the gaming, shall we?  I got Far Cry 3 as I hoped I would for Christmas. SOOO, let us talk about my first time into this world as I am still playing it.
     Now, as I have stated before, I am not the biggest fan of first person shooters.  I like seeing my characters movements and having a bigger view of everything around me.  So, when I started this one of course it annoyed me a little.  However, I soon came to realize this game is FANTASTIC! (So far).   The storyline is interesting, there is SO much island to explore (not a good thing I have a huge fear of water though...THERE ARE A LOT OF FUCKING SHARKS IN THE WATER),

     .... the villains are villainous! (I think Vaas might be one of the coolest villains I have seen in a while.)  I just am really loving this game.
   I will say though, there are A LOT of similarities to my once precious Assassin's Creed.  This would make sense considering both are made by Ubisoft.  From climbing the radio towers to unlocking parts of the map and other quests, to clearing pirate outposts to make the area safer.  Oh well! Still loving it!   One minor issue for me though (again, so far...I have barely scratched the surface on this game...) What is the deal with Jason, the main character?  He is shooting at all these pirates, looting their bodies, and getting very bloody while dealing with these horrifying situations rather well....but when he hunts, he suddenly can't deal with it??

    Gurllllllll, you need to get toughen up!! And this is coming from someone who does not even eat meat!
   Anyways, Ill continue to write about this game as I progress.  As you can see, I took a break from Skyrim and still have yet to try Dishonored.  It has been a very busy holiday season for me, but I promise I won't let you guys down!!  That being said...see everyone in the new year and  HAPPY GAMING!!!
Gizmo (GT: GizmoWGMG)
     --- I am thinking of doing another vlog for you guys as a return in 2013.  Any suggestions as to what you might like to see? Myself gaming, perhaps? Another baking vlog, if you will? Me crying as I eat kettle corn while singing "Part of Your World?...maybe not that one.  Let me know!!

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  1. Hahaha awesome ^^ - you are not supposed to ask legitimate questions like that ;) - because because because there are these seemingly illogical laws at play in the game world that YOU CAN NOT QUESTION - they are there to protect the Space-Time Continuum Quantum Physics Fabric or something - YOU KNOW NOT WHAT YOU RISK BY ASKING THESE LOGICAL QUESTIONS - like how come if I STAND up and steal something an Inn Keeper will see me but if I go down on my haunches in the same spot then suddenly the Inn Keeper is blind as fuck!?! - and that sh!t NEVER works in the real world!

    Far Cry3 Looks really good - keen to hear what you think about it as I don't yet have this one.

    A Vlog would be cool - maybe giving reviews just off of the latest game demos.
    If you do a Vlog you have to do some Horror/Thriller/Suspense game responses so that I can see I'm not the only one that craps my pants ;) - sadistic appeal winner here! lol mwhahaha
    Ooooh or some awesome game rage scenes - maybe you could take a hostage ^^ - that sh!t could go viral.

    What is your STEAM nick btw?