Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hey Kids, I'v Been Dishonored!

Hello again all!
  How are you doing this lovely February day?  I am wonderful. I am working, I dyed my hair, and I am back on track to being healthier (Kind of.)  More importantly, I finally, after a couple of months of saying I would, motivated myself enough to start playing Dishonored.  Yet again, I am late to this party but let us discuss this gem.
     I am not very far into it at all, but there are some things I do enjoy about this one, and some I am just not here for.  I can say that it is beautifully made and it's as if BioShock and Borderlands got drunk late one night off of Malibu bay breezes, mojitos, Jameson shots, and hard ciders, then procreated on a Steampunk styled bed.

  I will also say that I enjoy how challenging this game is.  I am so stressed about wanting to have a good ending that it takes me a really long time to do most of the missions.  There are so many different kinds of things to avoid, one being the guards all over the place that would hear you and chase after you if I did something as simple as, oh I don't know, breathing. So inconsiderate to my needs, Dishonored.

    There are also the Weepers to avoid.  They are the people that have been consumed by the rat plague.  So basically, you have your zombies in the game.  They are alright, really nothing special about them.  I just tend to leave them alone to drown in their own vomit and sorrows, poor dears.

   Then there are the rats!  Never in my life did I think any game would have a group of carnivorous rats as an enemy, so I was quite taken aback when all the sudden I am being eaten alive and running for dear life and loving every minute of it.  It's not the weepers that make me scream like 4 year old me watching Child's Play for the first time, it's the rats!

  The powers in this game are cool too.  I especially enjoy the Blink ability.  It is so convenient when I need to teleport from place to place.  All the other abilities are interesting, but I find that Blink comes in handy the most.  Dark Vision only works on occasion and does not show me enough of what I want to see through the walls, Bending time helps when I panic and need to get to another place fast.  Possession is rarely helpful, as I have only used it one time and a prostitute lost it when she saw me.  There are so many more I have yet to fully use up to their potential...
     As far as the story line, I am not QUITE sure what is going on or why I have to kill certain people. Honestly,  I really do not mind much of this game, I like a good challenge and this definitely offers it, but I don't care for this storyline.  All I know is that I was framed, I saved the kid, now I am just killing,  kidnapping, and talking to a bunch of people that all look exactly alike; but I take my mission, I do what I do and that's all that I do....

    ...and also looking for runes with the beating heart.
    Anyways, I know I am missing a lot of stuff to mention about the game, but I thought I should just mention all the things that have stuck out for me so far and the feels I have.  I know I have barely scratched the surface on this game (I think), but I know I look forward to seeing what else Dishonored has to offer, and maybe I will become more familiar with the storyline along the way.  HERE'S HOPING! Im off for now, and as always...
Gizmo (GT: GizmoWGMG)
            (Steam: Gizmo4121)

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