Thursday, October 11, 2012

In the Name of Liberty!

Hello again gamers!
   October just keeps getting more and more eventful and exciting because... it’s time, lovelies….it’s time to talk about the game I have been waiting for from a series that I LOVE and LIVE for (At least one of the two……the other is Batman…) 
and even made a cake to celebrate for.  This month marks the release of the one, the only….

    Let's discuss! As we move on to a new time and a new world I am excited to see everything that will change and to discover a new character to bond with.  This new world happens to be in America during the Revolution.  This means many of the iconic figures will make an appearance (including George Mofoin’ Washington and Benjamin Freaking Franklin!)  We will be working alongside Desmond Miles yet again as he searches through the past of his half British- half Native American ancestor Connor Kenway, who is pulled into the Assassin-Templar war when he makes a decision to fight after, among other things, his land is destroyed.  Anyways, as Connor you will travel around America (the goddamn frontier ya’ll!) and even take charge of your own ship! Also, much like the other games of the series, we also have the beauty of multiplayer where I plan to see you all! Can you tell I am excited by the constant use of the exclamation mark!?!?! IT MEANS I MEAN SERIOUS BUSINESS AND WILL SQUEAL LIKE A LITTLE GIRL GETTING THE PONY SHE ALWAYS WISHED FOR WHEN I HAVE THIS GAME IN MY HANDS!!!!!!

  …..I am obviously fangirling over this series and everything that it stands for. 
Not only does it satisfy my history loving self (history major in the house!), but the story just keeps getting better and better and better (Revelations made me cry) and honestly no game has EVER made me so emotionally attached to its characters.  Speaking of which, I feel immense sadness that the tale of Ezio has come to an end because, quite frankly, I was in love with him and everything he stood for.
….yes…I was in love with a game character…
 … stranger things have happened….
So gamers and gentlemen, on October 30th you know exactly where I will be.  On my bum, with a bowl of popcorn on one side, a freshly brewed iced tea on the other, and my controller in hand as I venture into early America with my heavy hood and hidden blade.  Let me know your thoughts on this upcoming release! I want to hear all your concerns or what you’re most excited about.  I am off to work some more on my costumes! (cue my last post)
     Happy Gaming!!!!!!!!!
Carson (Gamertag:  Gizmo000ooo)

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