Saturday, November 10, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

Hello again gamers!!
  Let's pretend that Hurricane Sandy has not happened and today is October 31st.  Ready??
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!  As promised, I present to you all reading my blog the characters I have prepared for this special occasion.  First, let me show the one I have already revealed when I decided at the last minute to be a zombie, or rather, a little girl zombie.:
I like to call this character Rhoda-  A La "Bad Seed"...but dead and carrying a meat cleaver.

Just so you see the scars up close I created using Rigid Collodion and makeup!
I did my brother's makeup as well and turned him into a Hillbilly zombie A la The Buckners in "Cabin in the Woods"
    Now I present to you, my readers, the two costumes I created that are game related. They are (drum roll please):
Yellow Toad from Super Mario!

The gang's all here!! Yellow Toad, Luigi (Johanna from Television Tease!), Mario, and Blue Toad!

Yellow and Blue Toad teaming up with the Swashbuckling wench Sam (Embrace the Glitter!)
Power of the Toad's combined!
  Making this costume was somewhat a challenge, but more so fun.  The helmets were created out of cardboard, paper-mache, lots of tape, and cushion.  I used acrylic paint over all of that and voila! My vest I put together myself from fabrics I bought at the store.  Honestly, considering it was my first time creating a piece of clothing, I think I did pretty well! I even made pockets for my lip balm ya'll!  Everything else just came from in my closet.  Also, I spent about two hours creating the question box using an old delivery box and the same paints.  There you go. Simple and fun!

And now, last but not least, I attempted Maya from Borderlands 2!
...So... obviously she is missing. She is missing because I was not pleased with the outcome of how she looked so I am going a different route with her now.  Let's just say I noticed quite a number of problems with it, including that I had an accidental shoulder pad...on the side of my arm.  Instead of normal Maya, I am going to make a special version of Maya that does not look exactly like her.  Maybe a Maya Lilith combo.  We will see...but eventually I will present it to you.
     What I learned from this experience is that I definitely bit off more than I can chew and next time do NOT make more than one costume.  Also, I seriously need to figure out what is wrong with my sewing machine so I never have to hand sew anything again.  All in all, I had fun with this maybe at one point I will be skilled enough to make a costume so flawless I will wear to Comic Con.  Hope you enjoyed how my costumes turned out and expect to see the Maya character fairly soon.  If you were something fun for Halloween or want to show off what you did, post in the comment section!! Otherwise...
Carson (Gamertag: Gizmo000ooo)

P.S. We can come back to reality now and welcome November!


  1. Thank you! Although, I wish my Maya worked out better. I was super excited about her!