Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Dunwall Dragonborn Assassin Thank's You!!

Hello lovelies!!!
  I am excited to say I have surpassed 1000 views!!

I know it does not seem like much, but for me that is a big deal.  It is good to know at least some people have been on the site or taken the time to read my crazy rants.  For that, I thank all of you that visit my site and found it entertaining enough to keep coming back.  I am truly grateful for it.

    I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays so far.  I know I am!  I decided to start playing Skyrim again.

(How catchy is that song!)  I put it down for some time because, let's be honest.... I was not very good at it.  Actually, I was atrocious.  When I first saw the dragons I would yell "YOURE ON YOUR OWN MOTHERFUCKER!" to whoever was with me at the time and run for my life, and I kept dying real quick, realizing I bit off more than I could chew with some quests.  That freaking Mercer Grey quest for the Thieves Guild will be the death of me (it already has considering I can't get passed those freaking falmers!)  But, I finally decided it was time to give it another go and I am glad I did, because now I kick so much ass!!! Yes, I am a very low level 20 high elf right now, but we have to start somewhere!  Still can't get through those falmers and get to Grey though...  A problem I am noticing a lot is the game freezes SO MUCH.  Last night, I finally beat this really hard group, and I was very happy about it, until it froze and I had not saved yet.....

 Suffice to say, I was more than livid.  This game might have the most glitches I have ever seen in a game, but gosh I do enjoy playing it.
  Moving on,  I also received Dishonored last night.  (Warning: it's graphic. Derp.)

  I can't say much of how I feel about it because I have not started playing it yet, but I have only heard good things so far from other gamers.  It also has that BioShock vibe which I LOVE.  I know I am a bit late in the game with this one, but I will of course keep everyone posted on the progress with this one.  I'm telling you all right now, I am going to probably start off trying to be stealthy, but as the game goes on I'll most likely throw that right out the window along with all the people I will be killing....
    Anyways, has anyone else played this game?  What do you think of it so far?
Im off for now.  But again, thank you guys for reading my blog and if you have been reading and you have not followed me yet, please do!!!  But really guys, thank you!  Let's keep the gaming love going!

(P.S. Has anyone played The Secret World? Im curious how it is because it looks fantastic, but I can't play it.)


  1. GZ on your views ^^ - your blog is very entertaining =)

    SKYRIM is awesome - wait till you get to the The Dark Brotherhood quests! - so far the best of them for me ;). The STEAM version of SKYRIM has patched itself enough to ensure a really stable game for me - on PC - I imagine you are on console?

    THE SECRET WORLD - omg this game is awesome!! Its a complete escape. Its like X-Files and MMORPG had a baby! your character is completely customisable irrespective of your class. The 'classes'/skills are completely customisable and you can mix and mach as you go - guides are given but if you wanted to be a claw / sword / gun wielding chaos magician you could ^^. You really immerse yourself in each quest area and the story and quest lines are very clever. Its full of myths and stories and ACTION! I love this game! They are running something very special at the moment that I think you can participate in online and free of charge (may be fine print - not sure here) - here:
    If you get the opportunity to play this, then you really should give it a go!

  2. thank you!! I am excited to get to this dark brotherhood stuff but for now I decided to start the companion quests and see where that takes me haha.
    I remember reading game informer when secret world first came out and I wanted to play it very badly, unfortunately I have an older mac, both of which are not meant for this wonderful game. So unless I figure out a way to get around that Ill just have to hear about it and live vicariously through others