Friday, December 7, 2012

Third and Final Enslaved Post (Promise!)

Hello again lovelies!
  A few posts back I wrote about how I did not understand how so many people loved Enslaved: Odyssey to the West so much and I hated it as much as I hate the Kardashians (that is quite a bit, in case you were wondering).  In my attempt to figure things out, I cried, wrote some poems, looked out the window and contemplated the meaning of life, then actually replayed the game.  I don't mean what I did last time where I just gave up on it after facing the "Dog" in theater.  I was determined to actually finish it this time whether I hated it or not.  Well, as of a couple of days ago I actually beat the game, and I will admit....the game is not as bad as I thought.

    I don't hate it anymore, but I don't LOVE it.  The same issues arose since the first time I played: it was extremely repetitive, with going to what looked like the same places over and over again, to the constant use of the same lines. ("Hold on, I'll do a scan." "Monkey, carry me and throw me on that platform." "Oh no, more Mechs you have to fight while I hide in the corner because I contribute nothing but opening doors, showing where the bad guys are, and yelling your name in fear!!!!")  That's another thing...could Trip be any more of a damsel in distress?!?!  Nothing pisses me off more than a female character that contributes next to nothing and ALWAYS needs someone else's help.  At least carry your own weapon.  Oh wait, your weapon IS Monkey...ughhh.
    Despite that, I am glad I continued because I they eventually did offer you some different challenges in different areas and it became visually appealing.  It became more than just climbing a new platform and facing another group of Mechs, though there still was a lot of it going on.  Still repetitive enough it annoyed me...but not as much as it used to.  Thank goodness for a little bit of variety, Enslaved....

 Another reason I was glad I kept going was because I able to meet the obnoxiously crude, nasty, yet charming Pigsy.  The interactions between him and Monkey alone kept me going.  He also came in handy during many of the big fights, which I was very thankful for (I'm lookin at you Trip....)  Once he came around, I felt like I was in it to win it....
Then I got to the ending....


 First of all, I was uncomfortable watching the back and forth between all the characters. (I'm not spoiling)  Second of all, if I had known what was going to happen after I beat the final boss, I would have saved myself those ten minutes watching and just turned it off.  Honestly, that was such a ridiculous ending and pretty much tainted the game for me even more.  I was beginning to have hope for it and BOOM I am right back where I am, angry, bitter, and still confused why people adore this game.
     All in all, I say try it because it is not THAT bad and it is entertaining, but just be wary of the repetition....and don't play it for the story, just play it.  Otherwise, you'll be giving it the evil eye like I did.  Best of luck to you if you do decide to play!

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