Monday, December 3, 2012

I Must Know...

Hello again lovelies,
  Just a quick update....I decided to replay and actually finish Enslaved: Odyssey to the West to see if I feel any different about it.   I have only made it as far as Chapter 3 this time around...but it is NOT as bad as I thought.  Then again, I am barely into the game and I am pretty sure at this point last time I was not yet infuriated as to how repetitive it is.... and as we all know, LAST time I was like this :

 The boss was also ALOT easier this time around too.  But far so good...kind of.
      ....The only reasons I am playing again is because I am currently gameless and I must know why everyone loves this game and I did not!  AGHHHHH!!!!!  I guess let's see where this goes and it proves to me that it eventually gets better....

....More to come soon!


  1. “Gameless” oooooh nooooooos! No that is terrible – what are you doing?!? Do we need to send someone to help?!
    Quick go to STEAM and download the Demos or something. LIVE!!!

    Ooooh try the LIMBO demo – it was an awesome game to play - very creepy and arty – finding the solutions to complete the levels is addictive.

  2. I actually downloaded STEAM when you told me about it, its like a haven for gamers! Limbo??? Im off to check it out now! thanks!!