Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Just Wanna Dance!!!

Hello lovelies!!!
  So sometime soon I will be making another vlog.  I have decided what I am going to do but I would like to surprise you guys, because I love filling your days with joy and glee (not the show....)
So for now I am just going to update you on what is going on.
     Im flippin stuck in Far Cry 3..... there is this one part on the second island where I am supposed to make a satellite explode, and I just cant do it! I keep getting killed or the person I am protecting gets killed.  Just plain rude if you ask me.
If anyone can help me out on possible suggestions for beating this part, it would be most helpful.
  In addition to that, I have been keeping up on my New Years resolution to get in shape.  I'm just as surprised as you are!  I really hate working out.  The treadmill is like a disgusting monster with thousands of teeth that ooze disgusting acidic goo.
     Running in general is not one of my favorite things.  Instead of that, I discovered the best way for me to work out is through DANCE.
  I already had Dance Central, but I now have Dance Central 2 and 3.  Let me tell you, that shit is hilarious.  If you don't know me, I am a short, top heavy lady and no matter what I do, my dances always turn into a robot.  This game makes me feel like I have at least a LITTLE rhythm.
 But this game, even though the kinect....well, the kinect kind of sucks, its fun and the challenges are actually pretty hard.  My kinect is also a bit broken so I have to work extra hard to get some points.  And get this, I AM ACTUALLY GETTING IN SHAPE. Woah...who knew...
   Anyways, Are YOU keeping up with your resolutions?  Let me know, I would love to hear about it!  And of course, what games you are all playing.  With that said...
Gizmo (Live/Steam: GizmoWGMG)


  1. LoL Good Job! /salute

    Yes being top-heavy is not the best combination with that beastly treadmill - I too have that issue and you find before your endurance gives in, your bra does =( /cry
    ...but alas my bunnies ate my treadmill power cable and so I'm sticking to that reason.

    Dancing is an awesome idea lol good ^^ - but how long before those dance steps start becoming kickass martial arts moves?!? ;) eeeyaaaah

    I have tried fitness games using the EyeToy , which are great except for the fact that I have to do them all on my knees - sort of counterproductive ;)

    I'm going to be doing my Billy Blanks Tae-Bo - climbing back onto that dark horse next week *hand on heart*.

  2. haha awww those silly/cool bunnies of yours!
    Its funny you say they start becoming martial arts moves because some of the dances end with them....its only a matter of time before I think I am Bruce Lee and telling people to step up to me! haha
    I used to do the Tae Bo tapes! I LOVED them! You go absolutely bananas, but alas, like all other workouts it became too repetitive for me and had to put it down. Good luck!!