Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stop What Ya Doin, Cuz Im About To Ruin...

Hello friends!!!
   I know, I know...I have been MIA for a bit.  I felt like it was wrong to write when I have not exactly been gaming.  I played so much Skyrim, and don't get me wrong, I LOVE the game as you know, but I just needed some time to unwind and do other things as I would spend hours on it.  Also, I guess you can say I lost some motivation, so currently I have been doing other things, like giving The Walking Dead a chance...not bad so far...
   You don't want to hear about my depressing yet strangely entertaining life, so back to why we are here, GAMES.  I can tell you guys I have been playing the new Tomb Raider with my friend.  I have not gotten too much time with it, just a few hours, but I certainly do have some things to say based on what I have seen so far:

   I really enjoy the new look to Lara.  The appeal especially is that mentality and innocence that she carries with her and how it is eventually tarnished. (Although, she is shooting people from the start and just kicking ass left and right....not so innocent after all...)

    It is so different from the other Tomb Raiders and I think thats what I like about it so much.  You really can't even look at it like it's Tomb Raider.  I love the other ones (especially Anniversary), and have played most of them a dozen times, so I am eager to keep seeing where this one goes and how she develops. Hopefully she also stops with the porn star screaming. (It's a nail through your side girl, not an orgasm...unless you're into that...)

  One thing I hated about the other Tomb Raiders that have been brought full force with this game....those damn quick time events.  Why, oh why, is this game plagued with them?  I am playing on my friends PS3, I am not as accustomed to the buttons that come with that console, so you can see my predicament here. Not that I can't do them, but there is a lot of " said to press O...but I panicked and pressed X."  That shit stops being cute after a couple of tries.

   Also, why so many cut scenes, Tomb Raider?  I am not here to watch a movie, I am here to survive the island, find out what's going on, and save my friends! (As far as I know, really have not gotten that far.) It is to the point where the most unnecessary moments are turned into cut scenes.  I do not need a cut scene to show me how deep a drop is.  It really pisses me off.  JUST LET ME PLAY!

   That drop actually leads me to another point, this game is more creepy and gory than all of the others.   That being said, I like it that way! I love that when I am walking through a cave...there is that fear that something will pop out at you, so either you have to walk really carefully, or run for your damn life.

 You eventually do get hit by a wolf or a person or something and it easily scares the hell of out of me every time!
  So far, that is all I can really discuss about the game, I will of course update with my thoughts as I progress, but as of right now, with everything I have mentioned, my feelings towards the game summed up...

  and I do suggest it trying it out for yourself. Also, I am making more of an effort to play again, I have been thinking of getting back into the Far Cry 3 co-op that I love oh so much.  Anyway, I am off to do some work and start building a dress form.
Happy Gaming!


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  1. Ha hahaha lol sounds awesome I can't wait to play now!

    Wow lol you watch some umm interesting stuff there lol.

    Oooooh want to here more about The Walking Dead game ^^