Friday, May 31, 2013

I'll Border Your Lands.....2

Hello again sexy bitches,
   Good news! I beat Borderlands 2, and I no longer feel shame trying to cosplay as Maya...even though that will most likely not happen now.  I have come to the full conclusion that I cannot sew for shit.  If someone does it for me, I will create a full choreographed dance routine dedicated to just them.

Am I telling the truth? You won't know unless you make me Maya!
     So, how about that Borderlands 2 huh?  It's pretty much the same exact thing as Borderlands 1 but with improved graphics, a batch of new characters, and a storyline that has been somewhat fleshed out  in comparison to the simple, "GET TO THE VAULT," schtick of the first one (even though that is obviously still the main idea.)  Don't get me wrong, I did like it and had a blast playing.  The gameplay is fun, as I assumed it would be, and co-op falls in that same boat.  Was I hoping for a little more? Of course, but I don't regret the purchase.  I have come to love Borderlands...I just wish there was something a little more different and surprising about the second one. To make things spicy.
   There are things that I really loved about this game though, despite those underlying feelings of disappointment.  The commentary from the characters had me laughing hard, and some of the missions were so ridiculous that you could not help but have a big smile on your face while doing them.

  Each boss and most missions were challenging enough that it kept it interesting, which I really appreciate....sometimes.
(....Only if I can eventually beat them before I turn into a maniacal banshee. That is all Im saying.)

There are, however, two reasons I really enjoyed playing the game.  The first being...

  Tiny Tina has been a serious topic with players of the game.  Some people can't get enough of her, and others find her to be racist.  Although I can easily understand where people are coming from, I am somehow fascinated by her.  I don't even really understand why I love Tiny Tina so much. She is just an obnoxiously insane 13 year old.  The things that come out of her mouth are random and for the most part purely shock factor...and every single thing has my full attention and my jaw dropping.  Maybe I love her so much because she reminds me of Lori Petty in one of my favorite films.

   Tank Girl...a movie so bad that even the comic book creators are ashamed it happened.  If you have not seen it I highly recommend it....I will just give you a small taste of the beauty of it all. After that, you should also probably watch the movie Warlock.  Another classic.
     I am getting off track here though.  Tiny Tina is basically a power house all on her own and fortunately, we get to see more of her as a DLC is being released called, "Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep."  Here is 40 minutes of the DLC gameplay footage...just in case you are curious or something.

  Moving on, the other reason I found such joy in this game?

  Handsome Jack.  Like Tina, I can't really figure out what it is about this villain I like so much.  It could be his sick sense of humor.  Or, it could be that the game writers actually gave him a fairly intriguing backstory.  Could be other things, but I can't seem to target it.  He is, simply put, cool.
  As a side note, I have to persuade someone to let me do a Handsome Jack cosplay on them.  I would love to create that face. I MUST CREATE THAT FACE!

  With all that being said, give the game a try and decide for yourself.... if you haven't already.  I had fun and so will you.  I must be off now, my kingdom needs me...and by that I mean I am just going to sit here and eat a bunch of M&M's and watch Charmed.  That's still just as cool, right? RIGHT?!?!
Bye for now and happy gaming.

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