Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Its Never Too Late for Tea Time

Hello there!
  Welcome to October!  Remember me? I used to write a lot on this blog.  Lets get reacquainted.  I am a lady with a potty mouth, I like apples, and long walks in the woods.  Most importantly, I game.  Good, thats better.
In the time that I have not been writing on this blog, things have happened.  I turned another year older...

And the games have been plentiful.  I played some of Braid, The Walking Dead, and as always, continued with the game I love, Borderlands 2.  However, the game I want to talk about here is Alice: Madness Returns.

Wow, what a game.  It was so strange and creepy.  The dark humor within it what really enjoyable and if anyone knows me, they know I enjoy a game much more if they don't take all things too seriously. YOU EVEN SHOOT PIG SNOUTS FOR HELP DAMN IT! WHAT A RIDICULOUS NOTION!!!

  I really just loved every second of it.  The game was beautiful and can be really challenging at times. She even has a steampunk dress. Let me repeat that, a steamfuckingpunk dress.

 Definitely a game I will be playing another time.
   Only downside to this game is sometimes I couldn't get the controls to listen properly, as is the issue with many games.  I would get so mad when something glitched on me, which was somewhat often.  Seriously guys, this is the ONLY issue I felt was one mentioning.  That, and sometimes the story got really confusing.  Oh, and that there is a character that looks like the mutilated Chucky doll from my nightmares...

Highly recommend playing this one.  Its quite an interesting adventure.
   That being said, I must be off to finish making the apple chips, as well as my dinner.  Stay on the look out because my next post is going to be after I go to New York Comic Con!!! I am very very VERY excited.  In the meantime, I might go back to Skyrim for a little, or maybe even another round of Bioshock Infinite. The options are endless my fellow fine feathered freaks!
Happy Gaming! <3>

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