Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dunwall: The City of Doors

Hello again friends!
  I hope you are all having a wonderful fall.  I have a busy few weeks coming up for me.  What with Comic Con this weekend, as well as a trip with the family, apple picking, lantern tours, HOPEFULLY A HAUNTED HOUSE, and some Halloween makeup to be done on some people by yours truly.  I just love October!!

Apart from that, I have still found time for my precious gaming.
      Let's talk about a game from long ago that I put down because of the aggravation it caused me.  That and my lack of motivation to follow along with the story/impatience to do the game the right way.
That's right folks, I am talking about Dishonored.
    Basically, I decided to give it another shot.  I thought to myself, "Girl, remember when you hated Borderlands at first and after a while tried it again. What happened with that? YOU LOVED IT YOU WHEY FACED LOON! Why not try Dishonored again and see if its the same result."  So I listened to myself, played until the very end for the good ending.  Which means, I paid very close attention and was very stealthy in order to have as little bad consequences as possible.
      I will say, I liked it better than the first time I played and I really appreciated the beauty of it.  It had an interesting story and was very challenging which resulted in me getting very frustrated quite often.  I have a serious problem with Dishonored though, and that is the ending. There I finally stood, in front of the door to which once I open my final challenge will await me.  This epic final battle that solidifies a majority of popular games. A boss battle if you will.  You know what happened? Huh? Do ya?
   SPOILER ALERT: If you reach the good ending, your final mission is to climb the lighthouse, eliminate the villain Havelock whichever way you see fit because he has already killed the other two villains he was working with, and open sweet little Emily's door. THAT'S IT YOU GUYS! It was incredibly lame.  I was thinking once I opened Emily's door I would have to face off against the three main baddies who somehow received the powers you also possess and tricked you into thinking they were dead while Emily's life was being held in the balance.
    Nope...just unlock a door. A damn door.
I could be missing something here and if that's the case please feel free to fill me in. However, if that really is it. I am pissed off.  I worked hard to on this game.  I was the sneakiest of sneaky assassins.  I did not spend most of my time hiding in corners and sneaking behind people to choke them out only to open a door and everything be right in the world! ARGHHHH!!
        To be fair, the path to that door was a unique, intense, and stressful journey.  I felt proud every time I succeeded at the end of a level undetected and at a low chaos.  And of course it caused the happy ending.  I was just expecting more as the final outcome and level is all.  I was very disappointed.  Who knows if I will play again for the alternate ending.  If it is more interesting than opening a door and seeing how everything worked out, I might try again.  Not anytime soon though.
If you do like games where you have to be stealthy and devious, or just want to go bananas and stab people up the wazoo, this game might be for you.  If you like opening doors, this game is DEFINITELY for you....
      I think that sums up my thoughts on Dishonored. Next time you wonderful people will hear from me will be after Comic Con and I will discuss my experience and have plenty of pictures.  It is going to be just wonderful.

 Talk to you soon lovelies.

  P.S. Just added this gif because it makes me happy. Wanna fight about it!?!

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