Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cue That One Song by Staind

Hello there,
   I has been a LONG time since I last posted and I am sorry.  I hope everyone had a lovely Columbus Day weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and whatever other special occasions/holidays that involves being together and lots of food.

   Also, be warned, I am currently writing this after a piece holding up part of a curtain had fallen on my head and was bleeding profusely.  So, if I start to ramble or make no's probably because I am dying/dead.

  ANYWAYS, so much has happened and I just have not been in the place to write about it! However, I am here now.  So let's play catch up.
  I went to Comic Con in October ( has really been that long...) and it was amazing.  I got some sweet stuff (like 2 Borderlands shirts I wear constantly), and saw so many impressive cosplayers:
This season so far? Stressful.
Line to preview the new South Park game
I panicked and did not ask them for a picture. So its their butts.

Frag Doll SiREN

     To say I was in awe of everything would be an understatement. It was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to go again.

    I also did some sweet Halloween makeup on people that eventually I might make a post out of somewhere in the future when I make enough of a collection.  If you want me to do a character makeup on you, let me know!! Here's my card:

     Getting away from shameless self promotion and jumping into the games, I played a couple since the last post.  Of course, I still play Borderlands 2.  I just replayed Assault on Dragon Keep and I just love Tiny Tina so much.  I will never be sick of that little psycho.

    Apart from that, which will always be my go to, I played Arkham Origins.  Now, you guys know I LOVE Batman.  Well, really it is not so much Batman himself that I love, but more so the villains...

   I was really looking forward to playing this one because Asylum and City were two of my favorite games ever.  I had so much hope for this one.   BUT, on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is best, I give the game a solid 6.  My main issue here is that the story did not feel like it was fleshed out very much.  It seemed rushed and short. You would also think they would choose villains that were a bit more well known by the public.  Most of them were still enjoyable though, (Copperhead was a badass, but Firefly was lame.)  Lastly, the game glitched like no one's business.  There was one point where I had to just turn the game off because of how often it was happening.

    The plus side to this game was how (SPOILER IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED) Joker became so enthralled by Batman and basically how he came to be, in this version of the world at least.  It was interesting to see things from his point of view.
   Ultimately, I say give it a shot because it is Batman after all, but do not expect some Earth shattering game that makes you piss your pants with emotion.

   Moving away from Arkham Origins, I also got myself the DLC for Bioshock Infinite, Burial at Sea.  So far, it is only episode one, but I am really intrigued.  Visually the game is gorgeous and the concept itself just excites me.  It's Elizabeth and Rapture...before its demise....

    I can't say much else about the game though, because episode one was so incredibly short! I don't think the amount of gameplay was worth how much I paid for it.  Ultimately I felt ripped off.  I will be getting the next episode though.  Damn you Bioshock, I need to see how things pan out.  I NEED ANSWERS!
   Apart from that, I don't think I have played many other games.  Unless you count The Sims..because I played a lot of that too.  Don't care, love The Sims.

  So with that,  I must depart.  I am pretty sure I am all caught up and hopefully I am not such an asshole and don't wait months to write.  Gotta keep myself in check and what not.  Next post will possibly be about Assassins Creed IV if you folks want to stick around. Or, if you guys have any other suggestions I am willing to listen!
Until then, have a lovely holiday everyone.  See you soon and as always...

P.S. If you don't know what song I am talking about in the title of this post, it's this:
Get it now!?!?!

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