Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Burial at Sea + Elizabeth 4EVA

Hey there gamer folks,
   Look! I am posting about a week after my last blog.  Progress is progress I guess...
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     I hope all of you had a lovely Memorial Day, but let's get into the games, shall we??
As I said in the post from LAST WEEK, I wanted to talk about my experience with BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea.  A summation of this two part beauty?
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   I was completely speechless as the credits rolled.  It was so beautifully wrapped up, I could not have asked for a better ending.  From the get go, this had so much potential as it brought Booker and my beloved Elizabeth into the depths of Rapture. It did not fail me.
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   Going into this DLC, it is surprising how Rapture is before its downfall.  Like Columbia, it's a stunning and awe inspiring visual that makes you say "I would totally live there if it wasn't underwater...near sharks...and other undiscovered species that are just waiting to rise up and destroy us all...."
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   Also, it might help if down below the beautiful water city wasn't a bunch of murderous psychos ready and waiting to take it over.
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If you don't understand who that is...then you don't know Atlas.
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     They really did do a great job at making such a despicable human being. (SPOILERS AHEAD)  Good job guys, we officially all can't wait to replay BioShock simply because we know Atlas dies.  The only problem with his eventual death is that in order to get to that point, Booker dies... and so does Elizabeth knowing that her death would bring Jack to Rapture and everything would come full circle.  I felt fine about Booker's death.  Was not a huge deal for me. I was never emotionally attached to him.  It's Elizabeth's death that had me in tears.  You see her grow and toughen up so much from the start of Infinite...a big point being that the Lutece's basically made Daisy sacrifice herself to Elizabeth in order to get to the point she was at in the end...
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AND THE SONGS IN THE END.  Pulling on my heart strings here guys.
All she wanted was to go to Paris! I'm getting a little verklempt here.
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  This game is so heavy and gut wrenching, and worth every penny I ever spent on it.  I loved BioShock Infinite...but this DLC....was really something else.  Not much else to say other then I highly suggest this one if you have not gotten around to it.  It's an emotional roller coaster.  I will be here afterwards so we can talk it out and cry together.
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   Next week, I promise to have something much lighter and upbeat for you guys. Until then...I am off to put aloe on my sunburns. YAY!

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