Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who's Afraid of Bigby Wolf?

Hello again!
    I apologize for the lack of posting last week.  I was house sitting and did not have access to my computer.  Don't fret my pretties,  I have returned to tell you of my gaming adventures.
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   I have been really jumping around in the gaming department. For a second time, I've picked up Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag despite my complaints in its post.  For some reason I am doing all the things again that I said that were pointless. I don't even know how it happened.
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    I also picked up GTA Online again.  My console was being a strange one and my internet just kept failing no matter what.  Then a couple of updates happened and I am back! Lock up your planes, trains, and automobiles...Im back to fuck some shit up.
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   Those two aside, I had an opportunity to take a gander at the Steam Summer Sale (as I hope many of you did the same) and picked up a few games.  One of those being the fairly popular The Wolf Among Us:
   I had seen some footage of this game previously and was very eager to play it. I also loved The Walking Dead series so I knew I would be a fan of this one.  I was extremely excited to see it was on sale and couldn't pass it up.  I'm glad I took the chance.  
This game:
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  I have only gotten through two episodes so there really is not TOO much I can say about this, but I am quickly headed into the third so no one spoil this for me..or else!!
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I am incredibly eager to find out what's going on here.  Telltale really knows how to present a cliffhanger.
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   I will say if you are looking for a game where all you do is punch and kick, then I suggest maybe another game.  This is very strongly story based and done so in such a creative way.  This is one that really drags you in...you just can't stop until you find out who did what.
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   The idea that these innocent childhood fables are all disturbed individuals that live in NYC just amazes me.  In a sense, it ruins every story you were ever told because of how messed up most of these fables actually are.  I think I am okay with that...  However, one of my favorite stories happens to be a stripper/prostitute in this game...so that's fun...
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  Again, there really is not TOO much I can say about this one. Not just because I have not played it fully but also because if I were to say much more I would be giving away information vital to the game! EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT! Now that is the kind of game I can appreciate and fall in love with.  I think I already have.
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Sorry for the excessive Mighty Boosh gifs..but I regret nothing. (Im Old Gregg!)
  With that said, I am off to find some food and hopefully play the next episode.  Have a good week everyone! And as always...

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